Hiring a programmer is not the only option


You only pay for the hours you need!

Hiring a programmer is not the only option


You only pay for the hours you need!



Are you in a situation where you need software development but have no full time jobs and can't afford to buy the project from outside? We have a solution for this: You get a superdeveloper from us for a fixed hour at a price that includes all expenses. The cost is even cheaper than hiring your own codec, but you don't have to worry about vacations, investing in equipment, and time away from work.

We also have a complete codec for your web / mobile project. Our super-coder knows everything, doesn't get sick and works as much as needed! You only pay for efficient hours and you don't have to worry about anything else. We have super-coders ready for work on the web and mobile application projects as well as designers, architects, etc. Almost all web / mobile technologies are in our possession.

Always the right technology

Whatever your project, your coder always has the right skills. Our toolkit contains all the web and mobile tools for modern and powerful software development.

We have specialized expertise in eg. ai / artificial intelligence applications, blockchains, ERP systems and web-based applications. Our core competencies include: Node.js, PHP (Laravel, Symfony), Android, WordPress, React, Angular, Laravel, JavaScript, Java, iOS, Python (Django, Flask), MySQL, Mango… And if you need something more exotic, we can get that kind of thing with a quick warning.

Always the right expert

Our team always has the right talent for every step of your project. Whether you need a project manager, product designer, coder, graphic designer, growth hacker, search engine specialist, marketer or whatever, we can help you succeed.

Actual costs starting from 35€/hour

The price you will pay is always a fixed, negotiated price. You don't have to worry about employer contributions, sickness, machinery or work space. Our hourly rates are usually 35-56 euros. We charge 45-56 € / h for the top super-coders in their field, but 95% of the projects are good enough, with an average price of 35-39 €.

At your disposal one or even a thousand hours a month

We have an entire team at your disposal as you wish, you only pay for the hours you have booked or we can also make a contract offer if you wish and let us take care of the rest. The only cost you have is an agreed hourly rate, we take care of everything else.